Why I Use a Cast Iron Skillet

It’s time to graduate from the pots and pan set you got from your wedding registry, isn’t it? Are you wondering what you should get to replace them? I strongly encourage you to look at Cast Iron for your everyday use. Let me calm your fears and light a fire for all things Cast IronContinue reading “Why I Use a Cast Iron Skillet”

Cast Iron Skillet Apple Crisp

This cast iron skillet apple crisp recipe is a great one-dish dessert. While desserts shouldn’t be considered healthy this Apple crisp recipe provides more nourishment using fresh produce and oatmeal in place of added flour. Apple crisp is served best warm with cold vanilla ice cream. The sweetness of the ice cream perfectly contrasts theContinue reading “Cast Iron Skillet Apple Crisp”

Homemade Whipped Cream

I love making this with my kids. Homemade Whipped Cream is simple and wholesome treat. We use this recipe to spruce up a favorite fruit, and turn it into dessert. We’re Trying the French Way of Eating The French love their desserts, but they’re also known for being thin and the number of obese peopleContinue reading “Homemade Whipped Cream”

Recipes to Try With Your Kids

Getting children involved in cooking, baking, and meal prep is one way I get some one on one time with my kiddos. Here I’ve provided recipes to try with your kids so you can create an experience your child might remember for years to come. I know, personally, I can remember making my Great Grandma’sContinue reading “Recipes to Try With Your Kids”

St. Martha’s Blueberry Muffins

Recipe from scratch for the best homemade blueberry muffins with tons of blueberry flavor from real blueberries. This Easy blueberry muffin recipe will impress your guests the first time you make them. Blueberry muffins are great for breakfast, but honestly it’s probably a better dessert.  Before I was married I had never made muffins orContinue reading “St. Martha’s Blueberry Muffins”

Homemade White Bread

This homemade bread recipe has come out perfectly for me every single time.  Try it today and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can master the art of homemade bread. Beginners welcome.  No Dairy variation. Why Not Master Homemade Bread Today? Christmas of 2016 I made a goal to embark on a journey ofContinue reading “Homemade White Bread”