Recipes to Try With Your Kids

Recipe to try with Kids

Getting children involved in cooking, baking, and meal prep is one way I get some one on one time with my kiddos. Here I’ve provided recipes to try with your kids so you can create an experience your child might remember for years to come. I know, personally, I can remember making my Great Grandma’s Sugar Cookie Recipe with my sisters and Mom. We had to make quite a big batch because we usually ate too much dough!

When the Coronavirus (COVID-19) put us into quarantine March 2020, it became quite clear our 5 year old boy was interested in cooking. Who would have guessed? After watching a few episodes of a Disney cooking challenge, he would play with the toy food and talk to an “audience” about what he was making. This, of course prompted some pretty incredible experiences for him and me. My point being, you never know who you’re going to reach by doing this with your kids.

In many cases, a child will try more new foods if he/she has taken part in creating the end product. In my experience, this comes from a kiddo getting messy during the stirring and licking their fingers.

Try These Sweet Recipes With Your Kids

1. Homemade Granola Recipe: This recipe is simple and very hard to mess up…. even if your child can’t aim well and misses the bowl! A forgiving recipe is great to attempt if you have very little kids. Added bonus: Granola is a great breakfast option that’s actually fairly healthy.

2. Great Grandma’s Sugar Cookie Recipe: Like I mentioned before… so many years worth of memories. I even have memories as an adult doing this with my Mom, sisters, and nieces. It’s a great activity because kids can choose their cookie cutters, the icing colors, the toppings, or whatever you intend to use. They will love making their own cookie masterpiece!

3. Baked Caramel Popcorn: Here’s a great recipe to make that also makes a great gift for friends. Bagging up some finished popcorn to drop off with a sweet note is a fun way for your child to serve others. It is also one of those recipes that is difficult to mess up.

What’s For Dinner?

4. Homemade Spaghetti Noodles: Making the dough is the messy fun part as you use your hands. Watching the spaghetti come out is a whole other experience. My daughter was so intrigued by making spaghetti noodles. I actually wasn’t sure she blinked at all, and she hardly talked… just worked. Also try these alternative pasta recipes: Stinging Nettle Spaetzle (German Recipe) and Homemade Beet Pasta.

5. Homemade Meat Balls: This recipe will work in your favor as you let your kids mix with their hands and roll the meat into balls. You stay clean, you create the experience, and you ALL enjoy dinner. If that isn’t a win-win, I don’t know what is.

6. Homemade Pizza: Your kids will enjoy putting the toppings on their pizza dough. Get creative and make a face, or a picture with all the toppings. Yes, the cheese will be messy, but all messes can be cleaned up.

Non-Food Recipes Your Kids Will Love

7. Homemade Playdough Recipe: It’s just as fun to make as it is fun to squeeze it between your fingers.

8.Easy DIY Salt Dough Keepsake: This is something many of us adults remember doing as a kid. Maybe you made a Christmas Ornament when you were young. Let’s not be fooled though, there’s many more ideas than just Christmas in this recipe!

9. Homemade Sidewalk Chalk: We play for hours with sidewalk chalk here in our house, so having this recipe is so handy.

What for Dessert?

10.Healthy No Bake Oatmeal Cookies: Whether you let the kids mix or spoon the dough onto the tray to let set, your kids will enjoy this recipe. It may even be something new…. “a cookie you don’t have to bake?”

11. Apple Crisp: Here you have two options. Do you want just any recipe for Apple Crisp, or do you want a Gluten Free Apple Crisp Recipe? The mixing of the topping recipe is easy for little kids, an older kids can cut an peel apples too! I love the idea of teaching kids

12. St. Martha’s Blueberry Muffins: I know that sounds like breakfast, but it’s definitely dessert for our family.

Check out More Great Recipes on our Blog, and ask your kids to help you in the kitchen!

Tools to Aide Your Kids in the Kitchen

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